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Our products HARD-ON the Trail Buck Lures are 100% pure Doe and Buck urines. They can be used before, during or after the rut. These products will not spook deer, it will only attract them, helping you to bag that "trophy buck."

Many deer lures used for hunting are on the market now and it may be hard for you to choose which one you like. Here are some facts on deer scents and lures that tell you why HARD-ON the trail trophy buck lure is the best deer lure on the market.

Collection of deer urine is rather simple. The deer are put into small stalls which have two small drains with grids over them to keep out trash.

Only when the doe is in heat will the sex pheromones show up in her urine. This urine is then collected and stored in a holding tank mixing several does in estrus urines together. There is only one strength of doe in estrus urine.

After the deer urine is collected there is no way to separate the sex pheromones from the urine. Therefore the true 100% pure doe in estrus deer scent is 100% pure. Doe and doe in estrus urine is usually shipped in its natural state without anything added. However a great number of deer scent manufacturers put additives in the doe urine. Adding other scents, chemicals, musks and preservatives to doe urine does not seem to be as effective as 100% pure doe and doe in estrus urine, so why try?